that all may have life

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Our call to Religious Life, our vocation, is a life-long commitment and consecration to the person and mission of Jesus Christ. Our life has three main aspects: prayer, community, and ministry.
It is the living of these three aspects of our calling throughout our entire lives that make us who we are as religious women and, specifically, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

We invite young women to join us

We welcome Catholic women ages 20 to 35 to consider joining us in this life of commitment to Christ and his mission. Through this life of dedication to God and God’s people you will grow into the person God calls you to be. This vocation begins with Baptism and continues through a life of vowed commitment in community with others who have chosen the same path.


We look for women of faith and enthusiasm

Today’s world is looking to us to witness to a strong faith in the message of the Christian Gospel and a spirit of enthusiasm in putting that message into action in areas of the world where it is most needed. Our Founder and first Sisters exemplified this twofold spirit in their time and today our Sisters continue to carry out this mission in various parts of the world. We are present in Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Our spirituality calls us to be “other Christs” in the world

Our  Founder, Father Jean Gailhac, had a special love for the parable of the Good Shepherd who came so that “all may have life” and have that life “to its fullest”.  To incarnate the life and mission of Christ through a complete dedication of ourselves to bringing this fullness of life to all, especially those most in need—this is our vocation.  In this our model is Mary as the first disciple of her Son.  Today this demands that we be open to peoples of all races and cultures.  Our spirituality helps us to see the interconnections of all things in the universe and, in particular, the common bonds we share with all peoples.  This spirituality is a focus in everything we do and every decision we make.


Our Religious Community Members are Diverse

We come from Europe, the Americas and Africa. We embody different cultures, backgrounds, languages, talents and experiences. What we hold in common is a shared mission which is summed up in the words of our Constitutions: To know God and make God known, to love God and make God loved and to proclaim that Jesus Christ came to bring fullness of life to all.

Our shared mission is expressed in a wide variety of ministries that respond to the most urgent needs of our time. Our life is shared in community with our Sisters. We make the three traditional vows of povery, chastity and obedience as a public commitment in the Church.

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